Author and Developer

David Whitehead is the author, developer and website creator for DotNetSDB.

What Is DotNetSDB

DotNetSDB is a library layer which sits on both the .NET SQL and MySQL adapters to provide a standard layer of support, it executes queries at runtime and even has the ability to compile queries on the fly while still providing the added bonus of parameter binding, fast performance data type query mapping and various different output formats. The library works on an ordered system, this means while building queries in DotNetSDB the commands being used are then compiled in the order which they were first invoked.

Extra Credits

A big thank you to Dale Mckeown for helping extensively test DotNetSDB in various different situations.


DotNetSDB started off as a personal project to provide a better and a more modular approach to supporting database integration using .NET. The project has been developed over many years in my spare time and has gradually evolved to a very stable point while being used in many different situations and under various high loads. Once the project got to this point I made the decision to release it as an open source library for others to use and benefit from.


DotNetSDB uses the connector in order to create the flexibility with MySQL database calls. The MySQL connector is available from, it is used under the FOSS exception Licenses, please see the MySQL notice for further information.

DotNetSDB also uses the Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll to help make queries much quicker on SQL Server by defining the correct parameter types on binding and running a query.